Quality conscious,
dedicated to the research and manufacturing of best molecules

ASTA represents a Research-based, Client-focussed, Service-oriented RAW MATERIAL INGREDIENTS and INTERMEDIATES manufacturing and distributing company based in The United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands and India.

Who are we?

ASTA is a young and budding company focussed on research and development of raw material ingredients and intermediates that are used in Fragrance & Flavour and Industrial application.

Our Products

ASTA specializes in Fragrance & Flavour, Pigments, API’s, Metallic Stearates, Solvents, Food & Nutrition, Natural ingredients etc. We are also actively engaged in discovering high value Fragrance & Flavour ingredients to meet present and future market demands.

SHEQ – Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

Fragrance & Flavour

Food & Nutrition




ASTA is specialized in tailor-made distribution solution that supports both suppliers and clients. ASTA distributes wide range of Specialty and Industrial chemicals. ASTA has warehouses in The United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands and India.